Jam Camp 2010

Jam Camp 2010 officially opens for registration today. This is the third annual event where the pros have the time to turn you into an awesome jammer! The instructor list reads like a who’s who of freestyle Frisbee. Included on that list is Lori Daniels, this year’s Women’s Pairs World Champion with Sara Bergman. This will be Lori’s third year as an instructor. What keeps her going back is, “…the opportunity to give back to the sport that has given me so much,” says Daniels. Freestyle Jam Camp will be held January 2nd through the 3rd, 2010 in beautiful Los Angeles, California – USA. Come and learn how to catch and throw a disc in a variety of ways. Learn more

Beach Stylers

Jake Gauthier and Randy Silvey pair up for Beach Stylers on November 14-15, 2009. Beach Stylers is likely to be one the biggest US based freestyle Frisbee tournaments, and is happening in San Diego, Ca. Although the pair are working as a team, Beach Stylers has a unique and exciting tournament format which pits all players against each other across a series of events: Open Pairs (for which Jake & Randy are partnered), Individuals (hardest move from throw to catch), Mo-Op (random teams of 3 or more), and the Air Brushing races. Freestyle Frisbee Tournament Schedule

And then there were two

Jake and Lori jammed at our usual indoor location (Multnomah Arts Ctr) in the gym tonight. The stereo didn’t work, so we had to play to the music in our heads. That apparently didn’t slow us down in peeling out some complicated individual combos. Jake pulled out a kick series with a right, left, and heel kick to a bad attitude catch in addition to his multiple spins to catches and his signature 4 against skid moves. Being impressionable and all, Lori figured out a few against skid maneuvers herself, including a left hand set under right leg to a right-hand behind the back skid rim pull to a catch. We also spent the last few minutes of our 1.5 hour jam to video more moves to post on Heinsville web-site so stayed tuned and y’all come back now! – LD

Cove Pull

Cove Pull: With Clock spin, set the disc on the right side of your body. Now, reach behind your back with you left hand and pull the disc so it traverses behind your back from right to left, and then in between your body and your left arm. This is one of the prettiest against the spin pulls, in my opinion. Of course, unlike mine, an ideal cove would not touch the rim.

Jam Report

Today’s PDX jam featured guest jammer Mary Lowry, along with Lisa, Lori, and me (Jake). We had a sweet, indoor, mob-op session with the disc bouncing between us like a pinball on nearly every move. Thanks to Mary’s presence, we also had lots counter spin practice. Some highlights included Mary’s gracefull cove pulls with BOTH spins and Lori’s self set Gitis. Of course move of the day has to go to Lisa, Mary, and I for a sick counter co-op which involved everyone’s nails, a couple skids, and then a 4 roll series featuring both forward and inverted chest rolls. As the jam wound down, the scene was Lori practicing her kick brushes. While she didn’t hit the same right foot, left foot, right foot behind the left leg combo from the last jam, it was still a joy to watch.