Frisbee Tricks – How to Airbrush

Airbrushing is the act of hitting or slapping the frisbee to keep it in flight. Ryan Young and Jake Gauthier show you how.


To start, face the wind. Then, toss the frisbee up into the wind on steep angle so the wind blow it back to you. Then, follow the disc. When it returns to you, hit it to send it back up. Remember, the spin of the disc is what allows it to fly. So you have to swipe your hand in the same direction as the spin to keep it spinning. For a clock wise spin, aim for 5 o’clock on the disc. For a counter clockwise spin, aim for 7 o’clock. Airbrush as many times as you can, but don’t let it fall to the ground. When you feel you’ve done enough, go for a trick catch.

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