Episode 148: Tommy Leitner Grabs the Eye of the Tiger

Tommy returns and continues to talk about the 80’s. He had a long partnership with Skippy Jammer and he shares several memorable tournaments. Their adventures went beyond Freestyle. Tommy took what he learned from his mentors and has applied it in a masterful way.   

Congrats to the winners of Anzio Jam 8, 

Open Pairs

Kuba Radwański / Francesco Santolin

Women’s Pairs

Char Powell / Bianca Kostelova

Mixed Pairs

Marco Prati / Fabiana Ciciriello  

And again, a big shout out to the Capocotta women jammers! You’re on fire!  

Episode 147 – Eduardo & Maxine Burst Onto the Scene

Edo and Maxine

Edo talks about meeting Maxine Mittempergher in 2018. She was an artistic gymnast interested in body movements with an object, which allowed her to make a quick transition to freestyle. After only 2 months playing, they competed together and won their first tournament. In Frisbeer 2019, they unveiled a beautifully choreographed routine that they continued to enhance throughout the year. Edo talks about their amazing “rock star” experience promoting Freestyle for the World Urban Games.

Episode 145: Su Strait Still Loves Her Leg Warmers

With Su’s dance background it was second nature to infuse it into Freestyle. She shares how she and Jane Englehardt chose their music for their Rose Bowl victory in 1979. Su and Jane played for 3 years, and although their routines changed, their first moves always remained the same. Su talks about their biggest rivals at the time. She has memories of traveling in the tight quarters of a van from tournament to tournament and how the intensity ratcheted up as the stakes got higher.

Episode 144: Gary Perlberg Takes Two Future Champions Under his Wings

Gary and Kate

Gary is back and continues talking about living in Venice playing with his first partner, Donnie Rhodes. They developed the first Venice Frisbee Tournament in 1979, where everyone won a first-place trophy. Both qualified for the Rose Bowl with different partners, and it was clear that Donnie’s game had really taken off after he moved to NYC.  He was not surprised to see Donnie take first place. Gary also talks about seeing Kate Dow for the first time on the Venice green, she showed up to skate but ended up on a path to Freestyle.    

Episode 143: Lori Daniels – Frisbee, A Constant Companion

Lori shares how she started getting competitive with Frisbee and pulled it with her as she continued her education & career. She moved to the Pacific Northwest in 1988 and she recalls hooking up with the Green Lake crew. Jake asks Lori about her Yakima experiences, which is where they actually met for the first time. Lori shares her memories of the large audiences that were present while doing a Frisbee Festival at the Smithsonian. How does having an audience influence your play?

Congrats to Joey Hudoklin and Amy Anderson on their recent nuptials!

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Photo Credit: Grant Wise

Episode 142: Crazy John Brooks Loves His Purple Gorilla

John continues to share his wild Bud Light Tour adventures. He describes his view of the perfect Freestyle Competition which includes player introductions and hi-lights. John talks about the happiness, passion, and talent he sees in the current Euro jam scene.

Episode 141 – Amy Schiller and All the Love Dedicated to Beach Stylers

Amy Gitis

Amy initially focused on Ultimate and Disc Golf because she valued the pureness of the sport. Over time, she began to appreciate Freestyle’s mix of competition and social connection. Amy talks about her and Dave’s philosophy behind the planning and success of Beach Stylers.

Jake & Randy, both Zen Master Mob Op Idol winners from Beach Stylers, have a discussion about “Jam Stamina.”

Episode 140 – Tommy Leitner – Thanks Mom!

The youngest of eight kids growing up in Northern California on a cul-de-sac, there were plenty of siblings and safe spaces to toss around the Frisbee. In 1978 as a spectator at the World Disc Games in Santa Cruz, his interest was sparked and in 1981 he began playing and organizing others in his high school. Tommy found the freedom of Freestyle to be right up his alley. Larry Imperiale was Tommy’s first mentor, and although it was painful, he and Skippy Jammer won the 1986 World Disc Games, the first of 21 titles.

Also check out Hal Erickson, Mika Nordman & Bob Coleman’s routine from 1988 Santa Barbara for some inspiration! Starts at the 1:05 mark.