The Italian Open 2019 Will Be Streamed Live

Thanks to Chris Belaj, the Italian Open 2019 will be Streamed Live from Rovereto, Italy on June 7 – 9.

Italy has long been a hot bed for Freestyle Flying disc. More recently, the “Frisbee Fever” team from Rovereto burst on the scene, shocking the community with their deep pockets and aggressive style of play. Now they are hosting the Italian Open. If they bring even half of their passion for Freestyle Flying Disc to this event, it will be one to remember.

If you can attend in person, I recommend it. For those of us who can’t, tune in here to watch.

More info is available on their facebook event page.

Episode 93: John Kirkland On the Samurai Warrior

John Kirkland and Team FrisbeeGuru

  • Jake & Randy talk about their highlights from the 22nd Jammers Championship in Jacksonville, FL. Congrats to Jake Gauthier, Daniel O’Neil, & Dave Murphy who took the win in Open Pairs, and to Lori Daniels and Dave Murphy who took the win in Mixed Pairs. Special thanks to Paul Kenny for hosting the event!
  • John no longer plays Freestyle, but he has continued to play Disc Golf, and he explains why that is.
  • John finds DDC more intriguing than Freestyle, and he encourages others to take a crack at it.
  • Jake asks who he thinks the best player is, past and present.
  • John gets philosophical when talking about some of his favorite experiences.
  • How do you handle your emotions when you’re jamming?
  • Coming Up the German Championships will be live streamed on May 31st – June 2nd. Thanks to Chris Belaj for making that possible!

The German Championships 2019 Will Be Streamed Live

Thanks to Chris Belaj, the German Championships 2019 will be Streamed Live from Freiburg, Germany on May 31 – June 2. 

The German Championships is one of the most attended events in Europe and will host many of Freestyle Flying Disc’s top ranked players. Plus, the local Freiburg scene has many shredders who are seldom seen anywhere else. This will be an event you won’t want to miss.


Tune in here.