Word of the Day – “Crusty”

Crusty: Adjective. Descripter indicating the age of a particular freestyle disc move or particular freestyle disc player (jammer). Typically suggesting that the move or person is of a particular vintage or age. Ex. “Wow! Check out the crusty move from the 1970s!” or “Those guys over there are the original jamming kings, and they look great even if they’re crusty.

Jam Report – Turkey Jam

Well, we had in attendance 17 jammers – the youngest at 7 years-old (Erin Armstrong) and the oldest at an undisclosed age-bracket. The wind was challenging, with gusts coming from different directions, but the sun was out in full! Plus, the addition of Boston’s Rick Williams (visiting his sister in the area) made for a great time. See the photo posted to identify all those present. Locals Mike and Tam Wolfe, Scott “the Weav” Weaver, Keith Armstrong and his daughter Erin (the youngest new jammer), Tom Ford, Doug Korns, Carl Dobson, (new jammer) Raj Mistry , Kathe and Luke Smalanskas all represented the CA contingent. Oregonians, Jake and Matt Gauthier, Lisa Hunrichs and Lori Daniels were part of the Pacific NW visiting group. Four hours of jamming flew by, ending with the “death jam” by Jake, Luke, Raj, and Rick. Move of the day is up for debate, however notable moments included Matt’s brush pass to Jake’s double-spin to a kick-brush back to Matt, who then double-spun to a flying barrel-roll (Jeepers!). Also, Scott Weaver’s finesse rolls and spin changes amidst his many hours working hard preparing Weaver Winter Wonderland were also impressive.

Word of the Day – Twisted Turkey

Twisted Turkey: noun. A restricted move, often a catch in Freestyle Frisbee where the arm wraps around the inside leg on the same side. Can be either right arm wrapping around right leg or left arm wrapping around left leg. Ex. “Check out that Twisted Turkey delay!” See also: Figure Four, Perch, Pretzel, or Grape Vine.