Episode 8 – James Wiseman on the Spread the Jam Project

Spread the Jam Project

The Original Spread the Jam Project Crew

The Spread the Jam Project helped shape the face of Freestyle Frisbee on YouTube. James Wiseman explains why he started the project, what he learned, and how the focus of his video efforts have shifted.

  • James first encounters Freestyle Frisbee in Austin Texas, site of the American Freestyle Open in 2017
  • The state of Freestyle Frisbee on YouTube at that time
  • Tom Leitner takes James under his wing
  • With the help of the FPA’s Spread the Jam Grant, James and friends embark on the project
  • Success and Failure in the same breath
  • Parallels between Freestyle Frisbee and skateboarding’s early days: skateboarding documentary DogTown and Z Boys
  • Some videos of Rodney Mullen below:


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  1. Thanks you guys for the great interview and providing us insights into the Spread the Jam Project videos! What a gift to our sport these videos have become! I also use various ones to show folks what freestyle disc is about. The editing and music choices used add such a beautiful aesthetic – I think the StJ videos do speak to a wider audience. It’s easy to enjoy the artistic edge that James and Ryan have put into each of the StJ videos.

  2. I use this video to introduce freestyle to the curious:

    Freestyle Frisbee: Bandshell (feat. Jake Gauthier and Ryan Young)

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