Virginia States 2017 Will Be Live

Virginia States

41st Annual Virginia States

It’s official. Heinsville will be Live Streaming Freestyle from the 41st annual Virginia States overall Frisbee event on April 22 – 23. Virginia States is one of the longest running Frisbee events. It holds true to the roots of overall style disc events. If a modern freestyler wanted to experience the Rose Bowl or the early NAS events, Virginia States is probably the closest one could find today. Freestyle is a favorite event of the attendees. Freestylers feel the love and appreciation as the crowd pulls out the couches and lines the field to watch. Freestyle teams may be 2 or 3, just like it used to be. Judging is done by rank, which is one of the earliest judging systems. And, last but not least, Virginia States has one of the highest cash payouts for Freestyle winners, mainly because they want to attract the best talent the sport has to offer.

And that’s exactly what they do. Virginia States has had a long tradition of attracting both top young talent and legends in the sport. This year will certainly not be any different. The team to watch will be Randy Silvey, Ryan Young, James Wiseman. Randy is a wily veteran who brings a dramatic flare that engages the crowd. Ryan is taking his game in new directions that will bring a layer of originality. James, of course, can do any move he wants, whenever he wants. So, expect big things from this team.

Yes, though Virginia States an overall event, it is absolutely one of the hottest Freestyle events in the USA. But more than that, it is at the quintessential crossing between frisbee, family, friendship and history. So, if you can’t make it, tune in and be a part of it.