Poll Results – Name this move

And now…introducing…the 360 Whip Over! I asked for help naming the move in the video and you have spoken. This move does not need a mysterious name to be cool. Direct and to the point. “Look at me! I’m a 360 whip over. I dare you to try!” Poll results below.

Answer Text Votes %  

Hardest Move in the World

0 0.00

Circle of Life

5 17.24

360 Whip Over

11 37.93

Topsy Turvy

2 6.90

Sunny Side Up

2 6.90

 Other 9 31.03


Other Answers:

  • The Jake
  • girotondo
  • Ring of Venus
  • Full Circle
  • Jake’s turnover thing a ma jiggy.
  • (I am not!)
  • need to see the whole move
  • spinning gitosis
  • Sunny side-over

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