Jam Report from Fraser park

As Lori and I strolled onto the scene, there were already 2 mob-ops underway. As I nailed up, Lori jumped right in. As I entered the jam, everything changed and both mob-ops merged into a single, nine person jam. Energy was high, as everyone moved and passed, but it proved to be too many people and the jam broke up again within 5 minutes. This was great for me because I got to jam one on one on one with Brian and Jason, two soon to be “campers”. Brian and Jason are both solid clock players. Jason was at jam camp last year, and it showed with his solid passes and timely catches in the mob-op. Brian’s athleticism was equally impressive. Flips and hand stands were seen early and often in this threesome.
It didn’t take long for these guys to to tire me out. After a little water I was called into another group with Cindy, Lori, Dave Schiller. These four were already on fire and I knew I would have to step up my game to keep from jam busting. There was clock and counter, right side and upside side down, flat sets and roll outs. It almost seemed as if there was nothing we couldn’t do….and if you lost control for any reason, just bump it over to Dave. No matter what or how much spin, Dave had an answer. At one point Lori did a shoot to Cindy, who tipped to Dave. He pulled behind his back and rolled to me. I did an inverted roll back and turned it over with a wrist flip and sent it back to Dave. He CRUSHED a gitis on the UD disc, crashing and burning in the process. I wish I could recall some of the combos Dave was hitting but most of them were to complex for my brain to record without the benefit of instant replay.
As the day went on there was ebb and flow. Groups changed and everyone got hot. A few memorable moments included Lori’s spinning gitis, Jason’s spinning gitis, Cindy’s crushing catches from Dave’s sets, Danny saving EVERYTHING including one of my errant crow brushes – ending in a gitis, Amy and Dave flowing together so naturally, and the sunset. Yes, the sunset on the beach was incredible. I think mother nature gets move of the day for that one.
As the sun set Lori, Dave, Cindy, Jason, and I did some speed flow – “no delays allowed.” This simple rule challenged us to use throws, tips, bumps, hoops, and catches and to run our butts off. It made for some extremely fun play. We ended by gitising into the sun set, as this small photo album will attest to. Yes, four and a half hours later, we were satisfied…or maybe it was too dark to keep going. Either way, WOW! What a way to start the new year.
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