Jam Report – Jam camp day 1

Yes, jam camp was awesome. Yes, Stork gave a memorable talk on Freestyle. Yes, the campers learned quickly and impressed. However, I want to focus on the jam. As the sessions where coming to an end I found Dave Schiller giving a lesson to Jason. I quietly stepped up and looked longingly at the disc, and then at Dave. Suddenly the three of us were jamming. As we began to peel out, we started feeling a little like we were getting away with something. Jason hit timley catches, Dave hit killer combos, and the three of us went running into the sun, doing brush pass after brush pass.

Unfortunately, I still needed water so I had to step out. When I came back all official training was over and we had entered the school of hard jamming. Now there were multiple groups that included Cindy, Carolyn, Amy, Lori, Kathe, Luke, Raj, Danny, Dave Lewis, Dave Schiller, Danny, Brian, Ryan, and more I’m sure. One of the cool parts was, the jam camp spirit was alive, with everyone giving “Atta boys” and pointers as the jams went on.

At one point Dave L, Lori, Cindy, Amy, Carolyn, and I were in a jam. Dave had missed most of the first day so he was full of energy. I could not believe how much he was running. He’d hit two or three hard moves, pass it, and then he was somewhere else in the group and the disc came back to him. Although the rest of us were tired from a long day, Dave more than made up for it.

However, move of the day goes to John Thorne for bringing three Z machines. This “mob-ob” was a swarm of people (kids and adults) trying to learn the delay or trying to learn a new spin or trying to learn a new move. Jason picked up some counter work, Ryan learned multiple rim and center pulls. And many others were getting their hein on. I even took a turn of two to try to get more than four consecutive counter cranks. The scene was quite impressive.

As the shadows got long the jam wound down and we all headed out dinner. The first day of Jam Camp, and an awesome jam, were a success.

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