Episode 41: Matteo Gaddoni – The Man of Multiple Frisbee Disciplines and World Championships

Matteo GaddoniIn this episode we talk to Matteo Gaddoni, winner of Open Pairs at FPAW 2009 & 2010 with Tom Leitner and Arthur Coddington respectively. Learn more about Matteo at his blog, http://www.gaddoz.com/

Hear how Matteo first started playing frisbee with friends in his hometown of Forli, Italy. In 2002 he started to figure out what Freestyle was, and his newly acquired access to the internet (albeit pre-YouTube) opened his eyes to the possibilities. He soon hooked up with Clay Collera from Rimini, where he saw his first nail delay in person. Clay continued to mentor him on how to do tricks and build his skills but it was Mark Regalbuti and others in New York that taught him about flow. However, Matteo has many people that have brought him inspiration over the years. Both Jake and Randy remember seeing Matteo play for the first time in 2003 at FPA Worlds in Rimini; the “man in the hat” made a big impression on both of them.

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  1. I am now a full time listener for your pod casts and as newbie to the game, may I say how useful and informative these podcasts are.
    This one in particular, hearing about his journey is incredible and I am a very jealous disc’er.
    Can’t wait to join you all in Prague and start my own journey. Thank you Jake and Randy for giving me yet another avenue to improve. The Jamily is so strong, even more so than other disc sports. So grateful to be a new brother.

  2. Thank you, Matteo!

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