Poll: How Many People are In Your Jam Community?

Frisbee Community 2In our recent podcast episode with Joey Hudoklin, he talks about the amazing jam communities in both Washington Square Park and Central Park, New York. We also interviewed Mehrdad Hussanian, who is from Berlin where there is another great jam community. Our jam communities are a big part of what makes Freestyle so great. After work, or the weekend, we know what we’ll be doing…getting together to jam. We push each other to new heights.

On the other end of the spectrum is the lone jammer. When I moved to Portland in 1998, that was the situation. During this time I really grew as a Freestyler. I got to focus on skills like against the spin, upside down counter, and consecutive airbrushing. In 2001, Matt moved to town and the Portland community grew to 2. We jammed constantly and honed our co-op skills.

Yes, jam communities can range in size from one, to many, many jammers. But, no matter the size, they are all near and dear to our hearts. So, sound off and answer the poll for this week:

How many people are in your jam community?

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  1. local ‘pod’ 9-12, but I count myself a member of Milano and Torino, too.

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