Word of the Day – Poach

Randy poaches by picking Ryan upPoach (verb)

  1. The act of taking a disc that is intended for another player. Most often this happens in a mob-op during a pass. As the disc travels across a jam to it’s intended target another player steps in front and makes a play on the disc. Often the intended target player will not have time to react and will make the form of a catch, though the disc is no longer coming. Also, the person poaching will often cause a drop or break in flow because they had to move out of position to get the disc. Basic lane awareness can help reduce poaching. Note that if a player attempts a hoop but accidentally touches the disc, causing a drop, this is not considered poaching. Rather, a failed hoop or leg over is called Defense, or “nice D”.

Example: Hey, you poached my lane. I had a gitis lined up.

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