Seaside Super Hein 2010

Announcing the Seaside Super Hein 2010 Freestyle Frisbee tournament. Yes, it’s official. The event will take place on July 31 – Aug 1 in the city of Seaside, Oregon, USA. This is the weekend before 2010 FPA worlds so take the week off and make it to both. Sure, a world title is nice to have but how many people have an official certificate that declares, “You are Hein”? This is one event not to miss!

Tournament web site is under construction. For now, here’s a Google Earth Place Mark to get you started. Please contact Lori, Matt, or I for more info.

Jam Report

This jam featured the return of Lisa Hunrichs from Brazil. Also this is the first time in few months that all four PDX jammers appeared to jam. Not surprisingly, it was like we never took a break. This jam was pin ball city, with quick one touch flicks, tips, brushes, and rolls that were only catchable by sheer instinctive reaction. The momentum would be going in one direction and then, BAM, the disc switches directions coming hard towards your ankle. Plant, twist, grab, gitis…or SCORE! I was scored upon at least twice.

Every so often we would indie out just to prove we could. Lori hit a right hand inside leg skid to an invert hold. Then she set it indigenous and then pulled and set to a spinning catch. Matt threw Lisa a spanker. She proceeded to hit two nice skids with a couple btb swoops and ended in a picture perfect phauld. From a long throw I pulled a gitis, then went to a walk-over skid set. I pulled it back under the leg and then rolled it to a bad attitude catch. However, move of the day goes to Matt. It’s difficult to pick one as he was on fire the entire time. He hit hein moves but kept a playful composure that had us ooooing, awing, and giggling all at once. Here’s an example. Disc comes in and he takes it in on a figure four hold. He then steps over and immediately skids the disc out onto a right hand invert hold. From there he hunched over and let the disc fall to the rim and rocked it in and out between his legs, all the while pivoting on one foot. Next thing you knew he’s set it up high. The then dropped down and rolled his body across the floor, stopping just in time to nab the disc under his leg and behind his head in one fluid motion. All I could do was shake my head in disbelief.

What is a Frisbeetarian?

Frisbeetarian: n. A person who adheres to the belief that when you die your spirit floats up and gets stuck on the roof.

Because Joel was a frisbeetarian, he had no wonders about what had happened to his friend when he died, he knew for a fact that his soul was stuck on a roof.

Jam Report – Jam camp day 2

Luke Under the Leg CatchJust over a week has past now but Jam Camp spirit lives on. This jam report covers the jamming, and the competition on day 2. First, the competition. Students and teachers alike were ranked and then split into teams of four, each containing a pro, advanced, intermediate, and beginner. Teams had 1.5 hours to eat lunch and plan their routines. It was great fun for me to find out what my teammates had learned and then work that into our choreography. A few memorable moments from the competition; Raj hitting a nice brush, then two nice brush passes ending in my gitis, Hos, Lori, Brian, and Cade’s awesome juggling opening ending in nice catches by all, Tita filling in on the last team at the last minute and then shredding, and Ryan’s smooth counter under the leg passes.

As the competition wound down there was a buzz among the instructors. “That guy behind the tree. Is it? Could it be? It is! Krae van Sickle!!!” All of us became a little gaga and suddenly jam camp had to be over fast so we could jam with Krae. Z and I even got a little speed flow in with him before the closing ceremony.

The first jam was very official. We had a signed disc and at least 6 world champions playing with it. It was a bit of a publicity stunt. However the pressure was too much and the disc was too dry…not much happened. The group split up and Z grabbed a new disc. Then it was Z, Stork, Hos, Doug, and I. Things started heating up. Every time the disc went by Stork he would touch it ever so gently to change the attitude or to pass it back. This got us all fired up and we began hitting hoops, roll outs, and big catches.

Eventually we tired out and took a break. As I walked to my water I saw huge mob-op. Everyone was converging on Krae. I needed a piece of that so I took a swig and ran in. This jam was awesome. Krae was so graceful as he spun into an indigenous. Cindy Kruger hit a crow brush. Dave Lewis was again all over the field and hit combo after combo. Jason hit some nice tip back passes and catches. Lori also hit nice catches and was on most of the brushing runs, feeding everyone for huge catches. I am probably only remembering half the people in the jam…it was epic! At one point Krae had to step out to…get this…put on some nails!

That jam stayed together for a while but eventually people began peeling off to cool down and Krae was no exception. However, some of us kept on jamming. At some point I looked over from the jam and spotted someone playing catch with Krae. He was spinning into under the leg catches like a dancer, leg over his head and toes pointed. Whoa, who was that!? I looked closer and it was Raj! How’d he learn to do that!?

What an epic end to a wonderful day. Oh, I almost forgot, move of the day. That goes to Luke. See, earlier in the day Dave Lewis gave us all a talk on connectivity. Luke took that to heart. During the competition he kept getting counter throws…he’s a clock jammer. So as soon as he got a clock throw he took advantage. He took the disc directly off the throw on an under the leg reception, set it directly out and then did an arvand pull. He then immediately set it up into a behind the head catch. It had flow, style, grace, and was fully connected…no reception the’s. OOoooos and Aaaaaas were heard throughout the crowd.

So, there you have it. Jam Camp is a huge success as measured by the quality of the competition and the jams.

DiscCast Extra: Stork

Frisboyz present pieces of an interview with Stork as a teaser for their decades project. In the interview Stork shares his views on judging and a tournament format idea he has created to help draw players of all skill levels. At jam camp we used the same basic concept to form teams and ended the event with a no pressure competition. It was actually pretty fun to see the new jammers having their skills showcased along side the pros. Many of the campers would not have shown off in this way had we not used this concept. Anyhow, the interview is very thought provoking. Listen to the interview.

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Jam Report

Matt with the Super ProWell, the New Year Jam in Portland included the return of Brazil travelling, Matt Gauthier tonight. He joined Jake and Lori at our Multnomah Gym to shred it out for 2 hours. Great to see Matt since he’s been easing back into his turbo spinning jam style for the last few months post-ankle surgery and back injury. Even the staff at the Multnomah Arts Center (where the dance studio and gym are located) were elated to see us when we checked in. Jake, Lori, and Matt warmed up with a Jam Camp spinning catch speed flow with hoops and weaving around the floor. Afterwards, things got even more active with the usual tips, brushes, rolls, and spinning catches from each of the G-Bros. We also brought the soon-to-be touring Lemon Drop (colored) HDX Super Pro to the jam to help us wind down near the end and to add even more variety of challenges dealing with the small but sturdy disc. Thanks to Stork and Tita for arranging for the Super Pro to be available prior to it’s year-long journey around the world. Heinsville will be featuring an announcement about the Super Pro’s tour sometime in the next few weeks. Meanwhile, after exhausting ourselves and working up a healthy amount of sweat – we closed out with our broken-in Discraft Skystyler. Both discs were really fun to play with tonight. MOVES OF THE NIGHT: Jake succeeded in self-setting to a toe-delay (one of his first!) to a set behind his back to a clean scarecrow! Matt also boggled the mind by doing some ground-work – took a pass while seated on the floor and then under the leg passed to Lori, who then set it to Jake’s tip-pass back to Matt (still on the ground) who rolled around to a behind the head catch. Amazing! Too fun, that’s all I can say. – LD