Seaside Super Hein – Public Service Announcement

“It’s a bird, it’s a plane…. It’s a flying saucer… no, it’s Super Hein!”
On Saturday,_July 31st  and Sunday, Aug 1st, Seaside, Oregon will be host to the Seaside Super Hein freestyle Frisbee® tournament. Freestyle Frisbee® is creative movement with a Frisbee®.  Think skateboarding but with a Frisbee – on the beach! 
Freestyle Frisbee combines acrobatics and a flying disc to ignite the imagination and awe the spectator.  The “Super Hein” is a coveted title in the Freestyle Frisbee world.
Come see the world’s best freestyle disc players from Germany, Italy, the USA and many others competing with their biggest, baddest, most intricate and most heinous tricks!  All while controlling a spinning Frisbee®. 
The Seaside Super Hein Frisbee® tournament will also include Ultimate and disc golf demonstrations.  Show up and get pointers from the pros!
This is geared up to be one of the most spectacular flying disc tournaments of the year. ..Watch the pros vie for the title “SUPER HEIN” at Seaside – on the beach towards the ocean directly from the turnaround!

For more information: web-site or check the calendar at

Word of the Day – “Skillet”

Skillet: Noun. An attempted air brush where the disc skips or bounces off the hand, out of control, similar to how the disc would react if it where slapped with a skillet or frying pan. Used as a taunt or heckle after a failed air brush attempt.

Ex. “Put the Skillet away!”

See also: Spatula.

Jam Report

On a warmish late February night the Portland jam crew put on long sleeves and jam pants and headed out for a lighted basketball court jam directly after work. We broke out a nice rasta disc and sacrificed it to the court. The wind was terrible. The catches were few but the jam was fun. I hit maybe no good combos the whole night. I was struggling with the conditions while everyone else got hein in spite of the weird light and choppy wind. Everybody was bumping and running and making impeccable decisions on the fly. Jake hit a twisto set to a gitus pull and then everybody else had to try. We all missed the try but admitted it was pretty bad ass. It’s time to think about coming to Portland if you haven’t made the trip yet. Have you considered the Super Hein?

Jam Report

It was sunny and 59 F so Lori and I opted for an out door jam. We parked down town and walked over to Water Front Park. The wind was wild, shifting and puffing, but it didn’t slow us down. We hit multiple spins, sweet passes, and a hot catches. I pulled off a behind the back guide. Lori pulled off an indigenous catch from her own restricted set for move of the day. We turned a few heads and even got a couple guys to play catch with us to finish up our jam. Gotta love the Portland vibe!