Episode 61: Joey Hudoklin Returns to Describe His Once in a Lifetime Tipping Combo

Joey Inside Kick

  • In Joey’s last episode, he left us hanging with only a brief description of his once in a lifetime tipping combo. Today he gives us the detail we have all been waiting for. It is hard to know how difficult it is because it looks so effortless.
  • Find out who Joey wishes he’d had a chance to compete with.
  • Jake asks Joey about Craig Smith, who was a huge influence on Joey. 
  • Hear what Joey’s most satisfying tournament results were, his favorite routines, who he partnered with, and how the planets aligned.
  • Have you ever cried tears of joy while playing Frisbee?

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  1. Excelellent conversation with Joey, thanks! Z’s, =jwt

  2. Very useful commentary here abut playing left of the wind for clock and right for counter: Tommy taught me this a while back, a windy Paganello, as I recall (where he also helped me get some needed first aid for a temple disc hit). Thank you Tom Leitner, via Joey, I guess. Also, further OT, but dear for me: I met and hindsight wow jammed with both Joey and Richie in Santa Cruz a decade and a half ago, treasured. Joey reinforced to me Randy’s Seattle message to learn both spins, complimenting me that he could see I was working on them (and reinforcing my any spin any angle aspirations, to be able to play with anybody). I had never seen such smooth consecutivity as I saw in Ritchie’s plan. These guys are not just Anybodies for sure. Who to thank most? Z’s, =jwt

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