Episode 28: More From One of the Original Bayou Blasters, Deaton Mitchell

  • Get some advice from Deaton on how to improve your game.
  • Find out which players Deaton would play with in a beach jam if he could only choose 3.
  • When Deaton talks about what he likes now about freestyle; he’s excited by the new angles he sees some of the new players doing and always encourages more consecutivity.
  • He does however plead with people to avoid the “the” while exploring this new world.
  • Do you know the origins of the move, “A Grown Man Cry”?
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  2. Nice to hear this. I used to jam with DM on the parade ground at LSU along with “the Glank” and “the Hatch”, back in the day. Don’t worry, they know who they are. Thanks for the memory. DM never failed to amaze and innovate. Cut up Crazy glue containers were the magicians’ secret, I never revealed til now. Had to keep the onlookers wondering. They probably though we were a bunch of weirdos. Good times!

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