Episode 14: Deaton Tells All About The Bayou Blasters

Deaton Mitchell

We got a chance to talk with Deaton Mitchell. He and Jim Schmal (now Jim Benson) won 4 consecutive FPAW pairs titles; 1983-86. Deaton talks about his trajectory through Freestyle Frisbee and how it changed his life.

  • A trip to the Louisiana State University Parade Grounds changed how Deaton Mitchell thought about frisbee.
  • His Parents, using S&H green stamps (you’ll remember those if you are Randy’s age) purchased him a world class frisbee set.
  • Furniture polish is mediocre slick.
  • Deaton explains how met the people who eventually become his best friends for life.
  • Why did Jim change his name?
  • Why do the Ultimate players hate Deaton?
  • Deaton and Jim team up through a little bit of chance.
  • The Bayou Blasters choose to play with a Whamo instead of the Skystlyer.
  • The Bayou Blasters: Deaton Mitchell, Jim Benson, Darryl Allen, Jeff (Getty) Freeman, and Pat Carrasco.

Here are three of Jim and Deaton’s 4 wins:

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