Episode 77: Chipper Bro Bell – Get Hein or Bail


Photo by Scott Star

The conversation continues with the delicious Chipper Bro Bell. He talks about how his game developed while touring and competing with the Bud Light Team. 

  • Hear how the chemistry between he and Joey allowed their spontaneous routines to lead them to victory.
  • Chip, Jake, & Randy really get into talking about consecutivity, what it feels like to each of them, and how they make it work. 
  • The flow is the focus, not the catch.  How do you convey this to a new player? 
  • Chipper comments on the European players, and how their passion reminds him of the 1970’s in the U.S. 
  • It’s all about sharing and inviting others to in.

Thanks to all those that have helped make the live streams a reality; it’s hard to believe there have already been 13 this year! Just so you know, the Podcast is now every other week so Jake & Randy have time to focus on other exciting projects.  Be sure to watch the Beachstylers live stream on October 6th & 7th.  

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  1. Very inspiring “interview” with Chipper…love the open heart to open mind approach.

  2. 25:05 Randy- ‘it still hasn’t gone Cirque du Soleil yet’ … has it not?

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