Frisbee Guru T-Shirts, Now In Women’s Cut

We heard your feedback and have added a Women’s Cut to the FrisbeeGuru T-Shirt line. Just like the Unisex Cut, these shirts are made from Jersey Knit cotton and are very soft. They are perfect for a lazy weekend day and even better for the jam. All proceeds go to support FrisbeeGuru’s mission.

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Frisbee Guru Becomes our Parent Brand

20 years ago I started Heinsville with a specific vision. Matt and I reasoned that one of the main things keeping people from taking up Freestyle Frisbee is that it is difficult to learn. We set out to make it easier by writing and gathering How-To articles. Many of the best players at the time wrote for; people like Arthur Coddington, Larry Imperiale, and Dave Lewis.

Since then the vision has grown. This site is now the home for Freestyle Frisbee Live streaming, Shooting the Frizbreeze Podcast, interviews, event results, polls, and more. Though we have expanded to be a hub for Freestyle Frisbee content, teaching is still at the core. It’s as much about growing the player base as it is about growing the fan base.

I have also learned that using an inside joke as a name is not good for attracting new players. When I say “” people don’t know how to spell it. When people read it, they pronounce it incorrectly. It resonates with jammers, but not with the rest of the world.

Making this change has been a difficult decision. Here’s what tipped the scales for me. I was jamming by myself on the beach. Someone approached me to ask what I was doing. During the conversation I said “go to” Not only did they remember it but they later contacted me through the “about us” page.

So, it’s time to grow. is now the parent brand for this site. It encompasses the Live Stream project, Shootin’ the Frizbreeze, Heinsville (learn to jam), and serves as the entry point for all content created by this team. I am confident that this new brand will serve us well going forward.

Don’t worry, though, Heinsville lives on. It represents the “learn to jam” content and will continue to be used in future projects. All links to will continue to function. One of the things I enjoyed as new player was learning all the special Freestyle Frisbee language. Understanding the term Heinsville is a sign that you are part of the jamily.

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Heinsville’s New Alias –

Frisbee Guru

Heinsville is such a fun concept for Freestyle Frisbee Players. Hein means to play at your best, so Heinsville is the place all the players want to be. In Heinsville the disc is always slick, the wind never gusts, your nails don’t fall off, and you never get tired.

Of course, this site is all about spreading the jam, teaching others, sharing the culture, and growing the sport. As fun as the name heinsville is, it’s difficult to share with those who don’t yet know the language, which is of course a big part of the target audience.

Enter Heinsville’s new alias: Now, if you meet someone who might be interested in learning a few tricks, just tell them to go to and they will end up at Heinsville.

The frisbee guru has reached the third level of transcendence of the disc. He sits in the lotus position while frisbees float about under his complete control. He is one with the disc, the wind, and himself. Now go out and spread the word. The Frisbee Guru has arrived.