Episode 92: Fabio Sanna Paints with Air

Fabio Didge

  • Fabio shares something about himself that many don’t know and talks about how it has enhanced his Freestyle game.
  • Jake asks Fabio what advice he has for new players.
  • He is a self-proclaimed monomaniac, and you’ll hear why.
  • Randy asks Fabio to name who he’d play with under the most ideal circumstances and some other bizarre questions.
  • He also reminisces about his first world championships and everything that goes along with that.

Reminder that Jammers 22nd Annual Tournament is on May 18th and will be live streamed.

The Jammers 2019 Will be Live Streamed

The Jammers 2019The Jammers 2019 will be Live Streamed on May 18th. This is the 22nd annual and takes place in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, USA. Hosted by Paul Kenny, this event is known for being all about the player experience; hence the name. Jamming and competition take place on the beach, usually in perfect wind conditions and lots of hard pack sand. The competition is quick, usually only going for 1-2 hours.

That leaves the rest of the weekend for jamming into the sunset. With such an attractive venue and schedule, this event draws top US players, many locals, several from abroad, and couple of innovative and adept players who are not seen at any other event. If you can attend, you will be inspired by run-and-gun jamming from noon until sundown and followed by stories and discussions of freestyle ideology with some of the deepest thinkers in the game.

If you can not attend, the competition will be live streamed. This usually takes place at 2p on Sat (May 18th). Be forewarned, if the weather is not ideal on Saturday, competition will be rescheduled for Sunday. Tune in and you’ll be graced with some of the most amazing wind play that the freestyle community has to offer.


Episode 91: Rick Castiglia Wouldn’t Change a Thing!

Photo by Scott Star

  • The Coloradicals were the first World Champions from Colorado, but why did the team break up?
  • Rick moved to San Diego, and everyone just kind of went their own way.
  • They all remained great friends, but they spread the jam elsewhere.
  • Rick shares his most memorable jams…
  • He also talks about meeting Stacy Anderson, now McCarthy, and how they made a living doing demos.
  • Jake asks about Art of Disc where he partnered with Dave Schiller and Joel Rodgers.
  • Rick is one of 2019 Hall of Fame Inductees. The ceremony for all 2019 inductees will take place at the Worlds in Seattle in October 10th – 13th.
  • Virginia States 2019 are in progress, if you don‘t catch the live stream, tune in later for the recorded version.
  • Don’t forget we will be livestreaming the 22nd annual Jammers Championship in Jacksonville, Florida on May 18th!

Virginia States 2019 Will be Live Streamed

Virginia States 2019Lori Daniels and I will be Live Streaming Virginia States 2019 on April 27 & 28. Tune in here.

Virginia States is the longest running overall flying disc event, with this being the 43rd year. Harkening back to the days of the North American Series (NAS), Virginia States includes many flying disc events, including Accuracy, Distance, MTA, DDC, Golf, and Freestyle. Virginia States also has its own Hall of Fame (aptly named the Virginia frisbee Hall of Fame). Of course both Freestyle rounds (Sat & Sun) and this year’s Virginia frisbee Hall of Fame inductions (Sunday) will be the focus of the live stream.

Freestyle at Virginia is a magical experience. Having so many frisbee loving people in attendance (while enjoying the cuisine at Laszlo’s Weenie World) provides for a highly educated and appreciative audience. This encourages the Freestyle competitors to step up and impress, and they never disappoint. Saturday’s semi-finals take place at a huge indoor field house on rubber grass, allowing competitors to showcase their indoor moves with a forgiving floor that allows for crashing and burning. Sunday’s finals are held outdoors on real grass at Pratt Park. Since the other events of the competition have concluded by the time Freestyle finals begins, frisbee players and fans gather around to create an electric atmosphere.

This year we will live stream the 2019 Virginia frisbee Hall of Fame inductions of Pryor Hendrix, Randy Lahm (CO), Jack Cooksey (VA), and our own Lori Daniels (HI/OR). Many of you may not aware that Lori is not only a huge behind-the-scenes contributor to Frisbee Guru, but she’s a many time world champion Freestyler, along with other flying disc accomplishments and contributions. Virginia State Frisbee Overall is Lori’s home event, so it’s exciting to see her be recognized in this way – and as the first woman inductee! Correction: Joann Loftus was the first woman inducted in 2018.

Just a fair warning; in the past, the internet connection from Pratt Park (Sunday) has been slow, causing the stream to be bumpy. We will do our best to keep it stable, but if it goes bad, don’t fear: everything will be recorded and available for replay.

Episode 90: Kate Dow and the Pros and Cons of Playing in the Moment

Kate Dow Catches Flamingo

Photo by Kyle Hughes

      • Its jam season and Jake asks Randy what he is going to be working on…their conversation goes places you might not expect.
      • Kate Dow talks about some of her favorite players, and how inspirational they were to her.
      • She shares how she learned about consecutivity.
      • The Venice Green and the family environment was a highlight for Kate.
      • She struggled with the balance of jamming and having fun, with competing and not being too hard on herself.
      • She talks about the pros and cons of playing in the moment and the beautiful flow that can create.
      • Kate, Randy, and Jake discuss the impact of this to new players that aren’t on the same level. What are some possible solutions for this?
      • Virginia States will be live streamed the weekend of April 27th, so check it out!