Word of the Day – Counter

clockCounter (adjective)

A description of the spin direction of a flying disc. Short for counter clockwise. When describing spin direction, it is customary to use a top down perspective of the disc. A disc that appears to be spinning counter from the top will appear to be spinning clock from the bottom, hence the top down perspective is used no matter the vantage point. When a disc is upside down, the top down perspective is still used. Thus when a disc is turned over, its spin direction reverses. For a disc that is tilted, use the side that is the most upward. For a disc that is perfectly perpendicular to the ground, use the top side of the disc.

Example: Throw me some counter.

See also: Clock, Third World.

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  1. Greetings!
    I’ve loved frisbees my entire (54 year) life. Dabbled with a few tricks as a teenager. Have not been playing for about 30 years but am picking it up again. So I’m a novice, but I’m very excited to learn about serious (and fun!) Freestyle. Just wanted to say thank you for making all this incredible info available!


    Paul K.

  2. Comments like this are what keep me going. Glad you’re enjoying! If you’re ever in Portland or Seattle give a shout-out and maybe we can jam together.

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