WFDF 2017: Final Results

WFDF OC 2017 LogoOpen Pairs

  1. Larry Imperiale, Paul Kenny
  2. Daniel O’neill, Tom Leitner
  3. Marc Pestotnik, Jakub Kostel
  4. Ryan Young, Jakub Matula
  5. Rick Lebeau, Jason Salkey
  6. Harvey Brandt, Rick Williams
  7. Dieter Johansson, Tomas Burvall
  8. Tom Cole, Jack Cooksey

Women’s Pairs

  1. Juliana Korver, Bianca Strunz
  2. Lori Daniels, Char Powell
  3. Sophie Rickers, Ilka Simon
  4. Niloofar Mossavar rahmani, Gohar Mossavar rahmani
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