Ryan Young Explains How To Make Your Gitis Look Great

Ryan Young explains how to improve the look of a leaping gitis. Many people learn the leaping gitis without considering form. In fact, that’s my style…for me it’s traditionally about making the catch, with no thought to it looks. As a result, I look all compact and hunched over.

Ryan takes his gitis to another level by focusing on the form. Basically, as I understand it, the goal is to keep the knees straight, point the toes and kick the back leg backwards as you leap. This creates straight lines and splayed out look that is pleasing to the eye. I am certain Ryan learned this leap in ballet and has translated it into the gitis catch. In the video, Ryan goes over warmup and how to practice the form, even before trying to make the catch. Thanks to Ryan’s inspiration, you may see me trying to improve my form.

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  1. imo, exzellent video explanation of body form elements of the gitis ‘move’, leading, when judging, right to a higher number in the AI form’s column, titled Form! I am a relative huncher too, and I’ll be thinking about core and straightening my legs in a flying gitis. Next: how to make a good phlaud form: hmmm my non-catching arm is always down, not up or out. Help?

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