Rim Delay

The Rim Delay is one of the 8 fundamental moves in freestyle Frisbee. A large portion of freestyle disc skills and moves depend on knowing this key base skill. Start by throwing yourself spin and letting the disc land on your nail. Then let the disc drift to the rim. Let the disc spin on your nail in the rim until it runs out of spin. Try this on both hands. Next learn to set the disc. Get a Rim Delay as mentioned above, wait for the nose to be up and pointed away from you and push the disc off of your nail. Then progress to with the spin Crank. Get a Rim Delay and follow it around with your hand allowing the disc to travel under your arm.

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  1. Matt, nice videos! Very helpful. Do you have any recommendations as to the size disc to use, or the best silicone spray? How about the difference between a two-handed self-toss vs. a one-handed one? Is that personal preference or are there reasons for one or the other?

    • I prefer the 160 gram Discraft Sky Styler. A 175 gram Ultrastar can work. In fact it might be easier to center delay, though I have not tried one for freestyle in years. But it’s a little heavy when air brushing and can hurt your hand. Lighter discs are fun for brushing in a light wind but more difficult to center delay.

      For spray, I am not super picky. Any food grade silicon will do. Some folks like Krylon brand but I have a hard time finding it. Ace brand is pretty good too.

      For the self throw, it is easier to get a two handed throw perfectly flat which makes it easier to practice center delay. However, you can get more spin with a one hand throw. More spin helps practicing more intricate tricks. Once I mastered the center delay I found I rarely used the two hand throw except for variety.

      One thing to be aware of is the direction of the spin. I’ve seen many beginners throw counter spin when doing two hand and then clock spin when doing one hand. Spin awareness is key…intentionally throw yourself the one you want to practice.

      • Cool! Thanks for the helpful info. I used to have the center delay down pretty well, but never really tried doing anything but the easiest tricks. Trying to get back into it, and encouraging my son to do the same.

        The amount of spin you folks can put on a frisbee amazes me…I suppose that has a bit to do with practice and experience.

        Thanks again!

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