Poll: How Do You Warm Up For a Jam?

Charles JammingJamming can be quite a workout for the body. It involves running, jumping, bending, changing directions, and extending to the max as players try to push the envelope of their games. So it makes sense for players to engage in some sort of warmup activity before going full speed into the jam. I have observed that people seem to have a different take on exactly how to warm up. So this poll asks:

How Do You Warm Up For a Jam? Select All That Apply.

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In the comments, add some details on how you like to warm up.

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  1. Hi Jake and Randy! Ideal warm up for me is 8-10 mins skipping…15 min stretch…10 mins speed flow into the jam!

    • My challenge is when I see my friend jamming I lose all self control and HAVE TO JAM NOW. So, I only warm up if I arrive early or am already exhausted. Actually, I will say that in Portland we all speed flow for 10-15 before throwing ZZZs.

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