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One Disc

There’s nothing like a good jam; playing with friends searching for the next big moment. It demands focus on the here and now so that all the worries of life fade away.

Of course not all jams reach the same heights. Something as simple as the number of people can make or break the experience. Too many and the jam can feel slow. Too few and it’s easy to get tired.  How many people is ideal for a single disc in a jam? This poll allows up to 3 answers so you can give a range.

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After you answer, share on of your favorite jams in the comments.

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  1. Great question. My ideal number of mob-opping colleagues is about 4-5. It also depends on how energetic the other four people would be, since more people in a highly energetic Jam… up to 6 might work well also.

  2. My idea of an ideal jam is a power-trio. Especially when everyone’s in the zone and massive moves are performed. Love every jam size, but in my opinion, this one takes the cake.

  3. As Lori says it depends on who is in the Jam. Also what you want out the Jam but for me I feel more connected with less jammers and more discs. Peace and Z’s

  4. I like between 3 and 5. It all depends on energy, skillset and conditions for me. Some jams get big and are still amazing. Others are more fun if they stay smaller. What’s most important to me is that people are engaged and getting action. If there are people that are getting forced to stand around for long periods it may be time to pick up another disc.

  5. 2 is great but it’s much harder to hoop and pass and not get tired.

    With 3, one person can be the “man in the middle”, hooping, adjusting, etc. I love being that person – I think “how can I be a part of this combo without ever touching the disc.”

    4 is ideal to me, especially when everyone is engaged in the mob-op. 4 lets you choose, rest for a minute keep going full tilt. There are also more possibilities with 4 which keeps things feeling random and fresh.

    5 is where is usually begins to feel too slow for me, though it all depends on how engaged people are in the jam.

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