Poll: What Spin do You Take?

Lori throwing clock

Lori Throws Clock Spin – Grrrr

When freestyler’s meet one another for the first time, the first question is, “what spin do you take?” The answer to this question could change how they treat each other forever. Will they throw clock? counter? third world? Or does it even matter?

For this weeks poll, let’s find out if there’s a dominant spin in the world. When someone asks you what spin you take, how do you answer?

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Anyone have any good stories about this conversation?

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  1. My favorite response to the question of “which spin?” – Your best throw.

  2. I learned clock first. Now I can do both, but I’m still stronger with clock. But my answer to the question is “it doesn’t matter”.

  3. Even though I demand both and more, angles ,upside down, I will say counter just to make sure I get some or else its 27 backhands in a row.

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