Poll: Do You Have a Family Member who Plays Frisbee?

3 sets of Frisbee BrothersWe often describe our Frisbee family as the Jamily, and we are like one big, happy family. But for some of us, we are lucky enough to have true family members who also share our passion for Frisbee. This is truly something special. When we talked to Jens and Erwin Velasquez, it was clear how much playing Frisbee together bonded them as brothers and as friends. I am fortunate enough to have Frisbee playing family members as well. My brother Matt and I started freestyling at the same time. We were partners in competition, we pushed each other’s games, and to this day, there’s just a sort of magic that happens when we are together in a jam. I’m also married to a Frisbee player, Lori Daniels. It’s great to share our passion for Frisbee. We play together, support each other, and there’s never a conflict about what we’ll be doing for our vacations. Plus, there’s nothing like waking up on a weekend and saying, “What do you want to do today?” and hearing back “Let’s jam.” 

In contemplating this question, I began to wonder, does Frisbee run in the blood? Or perhaps having a family member who plays Frisbee is not that common. In this weeks poll, we’ll find out. Extra credit if you share a story about your Frisbee playing family member in the comments below.

Do You Have a Family Member who Plays Frisbee?

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  1. I am one of the lucky guys to have met my wife, the jammergirl of my dreams, at a frisbee tournament – the 1984 Santa Cruz Championships!
    She coyly asked if I “would show her how to throw MTA” and I stepped right in. I later found out she had been playing ultimate on the first womens Condor team since the ’70’s. She started jamming with us about 4 years ago and has picked up our small disc wind game like a natural. We jam wherever we go (mainly the beach)and it has been a great way to stay in shape and connected. We love our Jamily and invite you all to come PLAY!
    Your Jam Is Waiting 🙂

  2. Oh there’s not enough space and time here right now to share my family frisbee stories; I have tons of ’em. My dad and I played throw’n’catch with a PlutoPlatter in a rose garden in about 1961. And other times. My brothers and I played in the ’60s and ’70’s. ZXVRQ and I played lots when they were ‘just kids,’ and now look at ’em. Do they freestyle still? Yes but not often enough! ….I have a bunch of cousins who are playing Ulti, including some near cousins and my distant cousins famous Max and Alex Thorne. Proud of all this, and it makes me happy. Z’s, =jwt

    • Jake and I just saw Xiana at Kaimana Klassik just before it got flooded out. I hope she had fun nonetheless! Great to see her after so many years!

  3. and granddaughter Phylamena age 1 1/2 is ‘on track.’ Hmmmm genes? =jwt

  4. My kid, Grant, played Ultimate in college, at Brown University. They went to college Nationals 3x in his 4 years.
    My girlfriend, Juliana K, has some kind of accolades of some sort, I think. I’d need to check the records.

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