Kick Brushing 101, the video version

Jake Gauthier teaches us how to kick brush a frisbee. A kick brush is a air brush with your foot. In other words, you kick the frisbee to keep it in flight, changing it’s direction and adding spin as you kick it. Kick brushing is a great trick because it is hard, unexpected, and can be used to keep the disc flying almost indefinitely. It’s also a great trick to save a drop as your feet can reach farther, and lower than your hands

To kick brush, face the wind. Then give yourself a little throw with the disc nearly vertical. The goal is that the wind blows the disc back to you. As the disc nears your feet, kick it. But, don’t kick it like a soccer ball. Instead, think about the spin of the disc and try to add spin with your kick. If it is spinning clockwise, kick it at 5 o’clock and swing your leg from right to left. For counter clockwise spin kick it at 7 o’clock and swing your leg from left to right.

At first, your goal is to just kick it back up to yourself. As you get better try both feet or try kicking it multiple times in a row. Also, try adding a trick catch after the kick.

Extra credit is you can invent other ways to kick the frisbee to keep it in flight. Let me know what you come up with in the comments.

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