Jam Report – Seattle Hemp Fest 2010

Team Northwest had a huge success at Hempfest 2010 in Seattle on the waterfront! The weather was beautiful both days. We had a 40 ft by 40ft roped piece of grass near the main stage surrounded by spectators. We started with some mob-oping to get warmed up then as the crowds grew we changed to a 2 jammer teams. Each team played until they had 3 drops then the next team would come on and play till they had 3 drops. Then players rotated to different teams! Team Northwest really did our sport proud! Thank you to footbag Johnny, our newest jammer and ambassedor to the sport, J.B., the real Neil Toland, Ryan (got gitis)Young, Steve the Beast Hayes aka the crusty guru jammer that held us together, and Mike Galloupe, the event coordinator.

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