Jam Report

Every Sunday the Multnomah Community Center opens it’s doors to a local church service. For us spin worshipers, that means we can jam in the Dance studio during the service. Today it was Lori and I at jam church, praying for insight into the spin and the wisdom to follow the discs plan for us. Worship warmed up with some speed flow including a few spinning catches by Lori. We then reviewed the book of Larbs, practicing our scare crow brushes. Then it was onto the book of Skippy for some skid pass combos. Finally we broke into the jam, letting our spirits and the disc soar as we peeled out the indies and co-ops. Move of the day nod, according to Lori, goes to me. I had counter UD. I attempted a Saturn rings behind the back pass to myself. However, I hooked the rim too much and the disc nearly turned over. In a diving save attempt to slapped down on top of the disc, completing the turn over and adding spin. Sadly, I not could regain my footing to continue the chase. Despite not making the catch, the shock and awe of a turn-over slap-brush got me the nod.

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