Jam Report

Matt with the Super ProWell, the New Year Jam in Portland included the return of Brazil travelling, Matt Gauthier tonight. He joined Jake and Lori at our Multnomah Gym to shred it out for 2 hours. Great to see Matt since he’s been easing back into his turbo spinning jam style for the last few months post-ankle surgery and back injury. Even the staff at the Multnomah Arts Center (where the dance studio and gym are located) were elated to see us when we checked in. Jake, Lori, and Matt warmed up with a Jam Camp spinning catch speed flow with hoops and weaving around the floor. Afterwards, things got even more active with the usual tips, brushes, rolls, and spinning catches from each of the G-Bros. We also brought the soon-to-be touring Lemon Drop (colored) HDX Super Pro to the jam to help us wind down near the end and to add even more variety of challenges dealing with the small but sturdy disc. Thanks to Stork and Tita for arranging for the Super Pro to be available prior to it’s year-long journey around the world. Heinsville will be featuring an announcement about the Super Pro’s tour sometime in the next few weeks. Meanwhile, after exhausting ourselves and working up a healthy amount of sweat – we closed out with our broken-in Discraft Skystyler. Both discs were really fun to play with tonight. MOVES OF THE NIGHT: Jake succeeded in self-setting to a toe-delay (one of his first!) to a set behind his back to a clean scarecrow! Matt also boggled the mind by doing some ground-work – took a pass while seated on the floor and then under the leg passed to Lori, who then set it to Jake’s tip-pass back to Matt (still on the ground) who rolled around to a behind the head catch. Amazing! Too fun, that’s all I can say. – LD

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