Jam Report

This jam featured the return of Lisa Hunrichs from Brazil. Also this is the first time in few months that all four PDX jammers appeared to jam. Not surprisingly, it was like we never took a break. This jam was pin ball city, with quick one touch flicks, tips, brushes, and rolls that were only catchable by sheer instinctive reaction. The momentum would be going in one direction and then, BAM, the disc switches directions coming hard towards your ankle. Plant, twist, grab, gitis…or SCORE! I was scored upon at least twice.

Every so often we would indie out just to prove we could. Lori hit a right hand inside leg skid to an invert hold. Then she set it indigenous and then pulled and set to a spinning catch. Matt threw Lisa a spanker. She proceeded to hit two nice skids with a couple btb swoops and ended in a picture perfect phauld. From a long throw I pulled a gitis, then went to a walk-over skid set. I pulled it back under the leg and then rolled it to a bad attitude catch. However, move of the day goes to Matt. It’s difficult to pick one as he was on fire the entire time. He hit hein moves but kept a playful composure that had us ooooing, awing, and giggling all at once. Here’s an example. Disc comes in and he takes it in on a figure four hold. He then steps over and immediately skids the disc out onto a right hand invert hold. From there he hunched over and let the disc fall to the rim and rocked it in and out between his legs, all the while pivoting on one foot. Next thing you knew he’s set it up high. The then dropped down and rolled his body across the floor, stopping just in time to nab the disc under his leg and behind his head in one fluid motion. All I could do was shake my head in disbelief.

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