Jam Report

The scene at Magnuson park was a peaceful one. The sun was out, the grass was dry, and there was not a soul in sight. Cindy, Ryan, and I turned on the tunes, sauntered out to the jam field, and broke the peace. We almost instantly peeled. Ryan hit a skid, I hit a skid, Cindy hit a skid to a crow brush to my brush pass to Ryan’s crushing gitis.

Somehow the energy in the park had changed. There was a certain inaudible buzz in the air. Just about that time Lori and Randy walked up. With brief hugs, they were in and hein ensued. Randy brings a certain energy into a mob-op that is indescribable. It grabs your full attention…the environment melted away.

At some point I looked up from a phlaud and a second jam had emerged. “Where’d they come from?” It was Mike G, Beast, Ryan, and Ryan’s friend Greg who was having his second jam. But how could that be? He takes both spins! I went to say “hi” and jammed with this crew. Before I knew it, Mary, Rick Sader, and Bob B had also arrived.

Now there were three jams. It was like a buffet, all you can eat and whatever you want. I took full advantage, switching jams often to get maximum face-time with all. At one point Randy, Lori, Cindy, Rick, and I were in a jam. Randy had the disc and did some funky monkey, spinny, tipping combo. He was inches from Lori, who instinctively knew when it was her turn. She snatched the disc on her nail, did a restricted pass back to Randy, who sent it immediately to Cindy and we were off. After multiple rolls, Rick ended with a picture perfect phlaud. Later in the jam I had the disc. I did some pass to Randy who set the disc on it’s side on the ground. It’s spin sent it straight to me. My heart jumped and skin tingled…kick brush! But I was a split-second behind and my foot stuck to the ground like glue. ARG!

And then…behold…more jammers! Jeff, Jacob, and John Titcomb arrived to the scene to add their special spark, and fresh legs. 13 jammers in all, the jam just would not stop. After about 4 hours I stopped on a double barrel roll off Beast’s roll out. But Beast would not be out done. He, Bob, Ryan, and Jeff kept going. That is until the move of the day took place. Every one touched it, multiple restricted passes. Then, off to the brushing races they went. A few rolls across the jam, then Beast hits a kick brush, and POW gitis that took him down so hard he rolled end-over-end three times on the ground. It was so hot that everyone just stopped…”jam over, we can’t top that.”

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