Episode 40: Graf is Back, and he is Passionate!

Graf Catches Gitis

Photo by Michal Maciolek

First note of importance, Steve Hayes turned 70 proving, yet again that frisbee truly is the fountain of youth! Happy Birthday, Beast!

Mehrdad Hosseinian AKA Graf, returns and talks about how he learned the hard way about preparation for competition. He can’t say enough good things about Fabio Sanna, both as a person and as a player; Jake and Randy pile on! Mehrdad’s shares his thoughts on a choreographed vs. a spontaneous routine during a competition. Graf, Jake, and Randy have a passionate discussion about today’s game vs. that in the 1980’s. Has there been some extreme amnesia during the 30+ years between then and now about all the great players? Graf shares his “two hearts” as he considers the future of the sport. He wonders if playing to the audience, as a way to grow the sport, would cause him to lose what he loves about it. Everyone agrees that remaining authentic is key. Speaking of moving the sport forward, are you willing to experiment a little here and there?

Live Streaming of Jam Britannia is coming up. Jake explains that he has struck a deal to have full ownership of content which eliminates advertising in the middle of a routine, or any possible copyright issues with the music. Of course, this costs money, and your donations go a long way to making this happen. Any benefactors for the live stream are welcome!

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