FPAW 2017 Day 3 Results (part 2)

Some notes about Pool B

  • Though only 2 judges scores are shown per category, the totals include all 3 judges.
  • Sacha Hohne and Dan Lustiger scratched due to Dan’s injury. We wish him a speedy recovery.
  • Due to unclear music file name labelling, the music person played their 3 minute music. When the music stopped at the 3 minute mark and Tom Leitner and Daniel O’Neill stopped playing for 10+ seconds, thinking they were done. This caused the judges to give them execution deductions and 0 marks in Diff. When they realized what happened they played out the rest of the time. They ended up in 5th place, not making the cut to the finals. It was decided in the “Spirit of the Game” to allow them into the finals as a 9th team.

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  1. Hi Jake!
    I’m sure I’m speaking for many people when I say THANK YOU for your hard work keeping “us Freestyle fans” up-to-date on tournament results! And I’m sure you’re doing a ton more stuff behind the scenes that we don’t know about!

    Thanks Brother!
    Paul Kruse
    A.k.a. “Wheelman”
    A.k.a. “The Flying Lizard”
    Vermont USA

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