Episode 84: Fabio Sanna is a Fighter

Fabio and his son

  • Happy New Year everyone!
  • Fabio talks about what it was like to be at the beginning of the Frisbee wave in Europe.
  • Fabio says Tommy was the fertilizer that made it grow in Italy.
  • He shares his inspiration for the many videos he created on a website he developed before YouTube, which in turn, inspired many other players.
  • But as a loner spending so much time practicing, he (& others) questioned if he was wasting his time. We clearly know the answer to that!
  • Fabio of course loves to win but shares his insights on what can be gained from losing.
  • Prize money? Fabio doesn’t think we need it, but he likes the idea of contributing more funds towards growing the sport.
  • Jake, Randy, & Fabio have a in depth discussion on the pros and cons.

You may have noticed that a talented guest did the intro… the first person who guesses who it is, will receive a Frisbee Guru t-shirt.

Please tune in to the City vs. City battle on January 12th at 2p.m. eastern time (USA) when NYC takes on Medellin. The next battle will be on January 26th, when Bologna takes on Berlin. The finals will take place on February 9th.

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  1. Money has contaminated most popular sports. Disc sports are also very affordable which is one reason that it is so inclusive. The greatest players in the old days were able to command fees for demonstrations and appearances in the media. The NY Times just published a double page spread about Ultimate with some emphasis on the “spirit of the game”. That spirit has always been important to me in Freestyle as well. I’m sure it will continue to grow but might never be a very popular spectator sport in my lifetime as I am in my 61st year of playing and doing tricks with this wonderful device. Prize money has the potential to hurt it but one can never know about unintended consequences. I’ll continue to spread the jam and the joy until I no longer can.

  2. Thinking of players in italy from over here in NL, how to say ‘geluk’! In “two words”…. due parole!

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