Episode 70: Fabio Sanna Goes Al Dente

Fabio Sana Does a Chest Roll

  • Jake says that Jammers 2018 was the best in 11 years; there was a strong & consistent wind, which made the play exciting and allowed for some unique experimentation.
  • Fabio shares about the Acrobatic Frisbee Team with Claudio and Clay, who Randy agrees, is quite magical.
  • Find out how Tom Leitner & Paul Kenny play into Fabio‚Äôs evolution.
  • Fabio competed in Rimini, his first worlds, in 2004, and was thriller to make it to the semi-finals.
  • Eleonora entered the scene in 2004 and in 2006, they won the mixed pairs world title. That championship gave Europeans hope that anything was possible!
  • Fabio’s favorite routine with his lovely partner Eleonora, was in Prague in 2011, which was an amazing victory for them. 

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