Episode 64: Fabio Sanna is a Smooth Operator

Fabio Sanna

  • Jake and Randy discuss original moves that they thought were great but ended up abandoning.
  • Find out how Fabio discovered Frisbee after picking up a free one at a sports show in his home town of Trieste.
  • Shortly after that, he discovered Tommy Leitner’s website and Heinsville.com (as it was in 2003), both of which he painstakingly watched, read, and practiced from.  
  • He was just a spectator at his first tournament at the 2003 World Championships in Rimini.
  • Seeing Freestyle for the first time brought tears to his eyes, and it wasn’t long after that he began practicing up to 12  hours a day, despite having few people to play with.
  • Fabio makes an impact when you first meet him and both Jake and Randy have specific memories they share.
  • Fabio talks about how Clay Collera had such a huge influence on him.  

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