Episode 48: Dan Roddick, AKA Stork, is Back Talking About the Essence of Play

  • Stork talks about Frisbee, the essence of play, and how that impacts longevity.
  • In these high-pressure times and the belief in no pain no gain, Frisbee can take people in a totally different direction.
  • He appreciates how it can facilitate a re-creation allowing people to let go of constraints and just be free to play.
  • He thinks it may have been different in the early 80’s, when the competition was so intense. 
  • Stork, Jake, and Randy talk about whether it is as competitive now, or if it’s just different.
  • Stork talks about the Jersey Jam and OCTAD; a 1970 flip of a coin had a lot to do with his participation.
  • He shares why he started Flying Disc World Magazine and gives us a history lesson on why he used ‘Flying Disc’ and not ‘Frisbee’.
  • Jake and Randy are excited to put some of that play into practice and jam together today in Seattle!  
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  1. Always a pleasure to hear Stork talk about the good old days.

  2. Stork is wise

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