Episode 47: Graf AKA, Mehrdad Hosseinian, shares what he really “LOOVES”

Graf Bad Attitude Delay

Photo by Oren Meron

  • Graf is straight to the point about the possibility of prize money. Randy and Jake don’t let him off the hook so easily though, but for him, friendship and respect are the biggest prizes.
  • The discussion get’s interesting as they start to brainstorm.
  • The topic of routine lengths come up again and a thought provoking dialogue takes place.
  • The World Kitchen Freestyle Championships is something the FPA should seriously consider. Thanks Randy!

Happy New Year everyone!

What kind of frisbee skills do you want to work on in 2018? How good are your Egg Rolls, oops, I mean Leg Rolls? And your Monkey Dance Roll?

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  1. Ever watch the dart championships? Talk about repetitive, no one cares what the audience thinks. The audience is there to watch the sport as presented. We decide what the sport is, no audience pandering.
    I agree long routines require more skills, but what players want deep down is to be watched and appreciated. Adding turbo shred is amusing and shows one aspect of play, because there are no throws. Are we looking to grow the sport? Looking to push the limits for the best players seems very short term. There is now enough laid down to master that the sport is finally defined and displayed as art. I love to watch Randy roll, but Murphs rolls are completely different and it seems silly to choose Monet over Picasso and say that’s the best.

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