Episode 45: Ilka Simon Says, Invite People from the Sidelines to Join In

Ilka Judges

Photo by Bethany Sanchez

  • Ilka tackles the topic of the men to women ratio in freestyle. From her perspective, there are many other more important things to focus on.
  • When Jake asks her thoughts on growing the sport, she says it can be as simple as asking people from the sidelines to join in, creating a friendly atmosphere, and taking the time to teach them. She thinks the Karlsruhe crew does an especially good job at that.
  • Indoor our outdoor, find out her preference.
  • Also hear about Randy’s diabolical plan to take competition indoors.
  • Ilka shares her favorite trick, and it is determined that she is the inventor of the of the Death Crow.
  • Find out who Ilka would invite to her dream jam, as well as who her role model is.
  • Jake gives a shout out to both Ilka and Kolja Hannemann for doing the rankings…It is quite time consuming, but helpful.
  • Question: How do you say “Meow” in German?  Answer: “Meow”
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