Episode 39: Joey Hudoklin has the Keys to the Highway

Joey GitisJoey explains how frisbee represents something much deeper to him. He was originally inspired by the band, Hot Tuna, admiring how they followed their own artistic path.  It was the OCTAD Jersey Jam tournament in the mid 70’s that spurred Joey’s interest in competing.  He shares his strategies on pushing the limits of his skills.  He also talks about the creation of many of the moves that continue to make freestyle exciting. Joey shares some sound advice for young players as well as his approach to balancing choreography and spontaneity.  Will we ever see the lost routine between Joey and Richie Smits?  Do you have a lost routine that you pine over? Let us know know the comments.

Jake talks about what your generous donations are used for.

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  1. Joey has a great ability to describe the ancient history of all things freestyle. It is an incredible fact that many frisbee players believed (and still believe) that frisbee can change the world. The element that makes frisbee activity different is the invention of things (games?) to play with the object. Freestyle is the jazz and the players are the jammers.

  2. I have trouble with the quick time frame to “exhausted”. Not enough time to compose a meaningful hooray for your work and Joey’s content.

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  4. David Roy Bogenhagen


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