Episode 35: The Last Words from Deaton Mitchell

  • Deaton Mitchell hits an Indigenous.Deaton Mitchell discusses his hardest moves and which ones he was responsible for inventing.
  • He reminisces about playing with Gina Sample and winning the Mixed division in Fort Collins in 1986.
  • Later on, he just attached himself to the “Gina Sample Express.”
  • He also praises the Velasquez brothers on their remarkable sportsmanship, and they weren’t too bad looking either.
  • Jake and Randy share their hardest moves they’ve ever done and the hardest they do on a regular basis.
  • Can you believe this is the 35th Episode of Shootin’ the Frizbreeze, and there have been over 10,000 downloads?!  Hear Jake and Randy’s observations and key learnings from doing the podcast.
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  1. Keep these episodes coming guys. It’s so refreshing getting everyone’s view of freestyle and the history of their own, or other’s development in the sport. I love that it’s also recorded for posterity! By the way, you’re both “off the hook”!

  2. I moved from Miami where I played freestyle abs thought going to LSU in 85 I’d have to give up disc sports. One of my first days there I saw Deaton in the field with his crew. I never really got into freestyle Iin college but played a ton of disc golf. Deaton would practice at Highland. We became casual friends. Our girlfriends worked at the Chimes together. Insane Foosball player and all around good guy

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