Episode 16: Jeff Felberbaum Continues the Conversation

Aunt Lenny, Jeff Felberbaum, and John Dwork

Aunt Lenny, Jeff Felberbaum, and John Dwork – 1977

We continue the conversation with Jeff Felberbaum.

  • He tells us about Krae’s Disc Dance which we’d heard of but didn’t know much about.
  • The diverse traveling troupe included juggler’s, break-dancers, and slow motion roller skaters.
  • The secret, per Jeff, is make it be about the audience, and not yourself.
  • Jeff has thoughts on encouraging freestyle to get out its current box by doing good for others and the world.
  • Why does Jeff crack up when asked about how it was to play with the talented John Dwork?
  • Thanks for the cash Uncle Herman!
  • Find out how Jeff hooked up with Evan David, and hear him do some self-reflecting on his partnership with Donnie Rhodes.
  • Jeff and his partners have a lot of success, but as we all know, Frisbee Hell (aka spaunch) can happen to anyone at any time.
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