Episode 13: Birth of the Seattle Greenlake Mob-Op Scene.

Doug and Randy at GreenlakeDoug E Fresh is back to talk more about some amazing players, and that leads to some interesting banter about the history of the Seattle mob-op scene.

  • Jake announces that Frisbee Guru will now be the official home of Heinsville, Shooting the Frizbreeze, and the live stream.
  • Frisbee Fashion icons?
  • Doug shares his experience about growing up in NYC in the late 70’s and being inspired by seeing dudes jamming in the Bandshell.
  • Find out how a mistaken identity benefited Doug’s development as a player.
  • Did Randy really drop out of high school to play frisbee and eat?
  • Join the lovefest between Randy & Doug and the hear about the impact Doug had when he moved to Seattle.
  • Was this the birth of mob-op as we know it, or just an extension?
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