Episode 114: Larry Imperiale and the Incredible Summer of 1980

Laerbs early 80s brushingThe summer of 1980 was special for Larry, as he shares his memories of all the travel and tournaments. Listen how he describes his admiration for one particular player, whose athleticism and flow was influencing the entire Freestyle scene. Through sickness and beginning work, Larry’s passion for jamming continued, including some success at the Rose Bowl with the Toe Jammers!
Jake and Randy describe the most memorable routines they’ve ever seen. Their descriptions will make you feel like you saw them too!   
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  1. I remember visiting Larry at Stanford hospital with Kevin Buzzy Roberts. We brought special gifts including a target game redesigned with a velcro edged mini for target practice from his bedside. Larry’s stories are amazing, especially the Toe Jammers bit…”he could toe delay with either foot”>great interview and great memories. Did Larry really compete in over 30 Worlds? Unbelievable except it is true.

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