Jam Britania 4 Will be Live Streamed

Jam Britania 4Thanks to Chris Bellaj, Jam Britania 4 will be live streamed.

Jam Britania 4 is the fourth annual Freestyle Frisbee event based in London, England. Hosted by Jason Salkey and crew, this event is always huge success. They have a great indoor gym with ample space to jam and compete and their vibe is of the utmost pleasance. Given that this is one of the last events for the year, there is always a great turnout as players want to get in their last jams before the brief winter hiatus.

The event takes place on November 10 – 11 and will include Open pairs and Co-op and a possible Westerfield Challenge. Several world champions, top ranked players, up and comers, as well as a blast from London jam scene’s past, Konn Kummins are all slated to attend. If you can’t be there in person, then you certainly won’t want to miss the action on the stream.

Thanks, Chris, for bringing us the action and thanks, Jason, for hosting such a great event.

You can tune in to watch here.

Learn more about the event on the facebook page.