Episode 18: Juliana Korver Discovers Freestyle

Juliana KorverFind out how Juliana Korver, a super successful, many time world champion, disc golfer, decided to take on the challenge of transitioning to Freestyle.

  • The combination of a trip to Sweden to visit Sune Wentzel, a Facebook post, and an invite from Randy to play in the FPA Worlds in New York, started her journey.
  • Juliana’s analytical approach and the documentation of her practice on social media tells the real story about how much time and dedication it takes to be a competitor. Check out her website to see her progress.
  • This has also inspired Jake to up his practice time!
  • In the end, it is truly the support and encouragement from the Freestyle community that keeps Juliana engaged and motivated to continue her new found passion.
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  1. What a neat interview, Juliana; thank you! =jwt

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