Lori Daniels Demonstrates the Invert Delay

Lori Daniels demonstrates the Invert Delay and two sets that can be performed from the Invert Delay position.

The Invert Delay is a flat nail delay where the wrist and hand are rotated inwards until the palm is up. In Freestyle Frisbee this is the Invert position since the hand is inverted from a normal palm up position. This is considered a restricted position since the mobility of the arm, elbow and shoulder are greatly limited.

Once the nail delay is established in this position, Lori demonstrates setting the disc under the inside of the same leg or outside of the opposite leg. Setting under the outside of the opposite leg in the invert position is also known as the Digatronic set. This is one of the most restricted tricks in Freestyle Frisbee.

How Perform a Figure Four Set by Lisa Hunrichs

Lisa Hunrichs, multiple time world champion teaches us how to perform a Figure Four set.

In Freestyle Frisbee a set is when the Frisbee is under control and then set up into the air to lead into another trick. A Figure Four position is when an arm goes under the inside of the same side leg. I.E. the right arm goes under the inside right leg or the left are goes under the inside of the left leg. The arm and leg together cross a little like a 4.

A Figure Four set can be done either from a rim delay or a flat nail delay but the body mechanics change slightly for each. A Figure Four set is a great visually and leads well into other tricks.